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SupportGuard third party maintenance
Get More Use Out Of Your Assets

Extend The Life Of Your Assets

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​Get Cover For Any Type Of Asset Including Networking, Telecoms, Servers & Storage



Increase your network support quality while decreasing your costs.



Extend the life of your legacy voice system with industry leading support.

Servers & Storage

Servers & Storage

Consolidate all your servers and storage in simple to manage maintenance bundles.

Reduce Your Risk

Diversify your risk by having multiple support vendors, including OEM and third-party, supporting and maintaining your assets. SupportGuard offers a single interface to request service, track activity and measure overall performance from a multitude of first class support vendors.

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reduce risk

reduce costs

Reduce Support Costs

Third-party support vendors offer an alternative to the traditional OEM suppliers. In many instances, there is an opportunity to reduce costs by being able to source pricing from competing vendors.

Gartner research shows that 30% of maintenance costs are wasted on premium support calls on equipment that is not covered.

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Improve Support Times

Requesting service on an asset is simple and fast. SupportGuard is tightly integrated with all our third party maintenance vendors.

Locate the asset that needs service, click one button and get connected to your maintenance provider in minutes.

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improve support times

get more use from your assets

Get More Use Out Of Your Assets

Our third-party support and maintenance partners will cover both current generation and end of life products, extending the useful life of your assets.

Third-party maintenance is full service but also flexible and can be customized to your needs.

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Some of our third party support partners

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